Friday, June 18, 2010

This Week's 3 Favorite Things

1. Bel-Air Chateau Sold: Record Breaking Real Estate sale in one of the most lavish gated communities located in the hills of Los Angeles.   Although I don't know the exact price the estate sold for, according to the Huffington Post it sold anywhere between $50 to $72 million dollars.  Talk about amazing in this day and age!  It just goes to show you that there is still money to made in this city!
2.  The Venice Canals: There is so much one can say about the Venice Canals but I am going to limit my thoughts here.  First and foremost I love the venice canals!  Venice, ca is home to the venice art walk and is home to some of L.A.'s finest artists, such as Robert Graham who has a show at the Frank Lloyd gallery at the Bergamot station.  Let's not forget that it is also home to the famous Venice Beach.

3.  Eames Stamps are out:
The US Postal service honored the design legends we’ve been admiring for years. The furniture, graphics, films, and innovation of design duo Charles and Ray Eames are monumentally depicted on these miniature stamps, designed by Derry Noyes (granddaughter of the Eames’ dear friend Eli Noyes). If you haven’t yet, get your set! .  You can also buy them for $44 a panel at