Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Week's 3 Favorite Things

  1. Ortolan Restaurant- So I am going to do some shameless advertising for myself as well as promote a fabulous restaurant.  Espace Design, my company, completely remodeled the space and painted the outside of the building to look like butter!  Chef and owner Christophe Eme who is also married to actress Jerri Ryan created a special spring menu every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The entire 3 course meal costs $40 and tastes like a million dollars!  What can I say its exquisite...
  2. Sub zero Under counter Icemaker- got to love the scoop in the ice-maker and the shape of the cubes.  It is especially cool that it fits right underneath your counter.
  3. Jewel Box Frames- These are innovative frames that are designed to look like pieces of art.  They not only have several of their own designs but they can also create your own custom design as well.