Friday, October 22, 2010

This Week's 3 Favorite Things

  1. Sir Ken Robinson- "Changing Paradigms" RSA Animate video. Great piece about our current educational system and the way it is being run.  "We" as a collective society need to do a much better job at changing the way "our" kids are being taught.  In one excerpt from the video he talks about "Divergent Thinking" an essential capacity for creativity.  However, he goes onto say this is not the same thing as creativity.  "Divergent Thinking" is lots of ways to interpret a question, having multiple answers to one question.  He goes onto say that as children we inherently think that way and as we get educated and become adults we lose the Divergent Thinking.   
  2. Wolford Stockings- They not only have amazing stockings, but great tights, and stay-up stockings as well. Really worth taking a look...
  3. OPI Nail Polish- "Color So Hot It Berns" - very cool glowing red color they designed for Fall 2010.