Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Week's 3 Favorite Things

  1. Weekends in Ojai- Located about 80 miles from LA and about 15 miles from the beach.  This town has everything from serene locations to meditate to great dining and a fabulous spa.  Absolutely worth the drive up there!
  2. Kai Products- whether its burning their sweet smelling candles, or wearing the perfume, Kai provides the perfect smell of gardenia.  Their candles make any room calm and serene.
  3. Santa Monica Place-  Amazing what can be rebuilt.  The old shopping center looked like something out of the 80s.  Absolutely needed a makeover!  Santa Monica now has a shopping mecca with major stores such as Bloomingdale's & Nordstrom, not to mention smaller boutique stores or 7 for All Mankind.  The food-court even has a beach view.  I mean can you really get anything better then a beach setting and great food at decent prices.  If you are ever in the area you should absolutely make a pit stop!  Happy Shopping!