Friday, November 12, 2010

This Week's 3 Favorite Things

This week I am honoring people who make a difference.

David Brooks because he sees possibility.  The article posted by the writer on the NY Times site on November 8th entitled, "The Crossroads Nation" talks about the United States now becoming a Universal Nation.  A place where people are encouraged to speak up.  "...economic power in the 21st century is not going to look like economic power in the 20th century. The crucial fact about the new epoch is that creativity needs hubs. Information networks need junction points. The nation that can make itself the crossroads to the world will have tremendous economic and political power."
Rain Pryor- A comedian, mother and activist, and not to mention famous daughter of Richard Pryor.  She not only is a great comedian but she also fights tirelessly to help end Multiple Sclerosis.  A disease that her late father suffered from.  She uses the lessons she learned growing up as an African-American & Jewish daughter in her comedy routines.  Her comedy tour entitled Fried Chicken & Latkes received great reviews.
    Bill Clinton- because he makes a difference every day.....Former president, father and activist.  The William J. Clinton foundation "was set up to promote and provide for a number of humanitarian causes. Within the foundation, the Clinton Foundation HIV and AIDS Initiative works to make treatment for HIV/AIDS more affordable and to implement large-scale integrated care, treatment, and prevention programs.  The Clinton Global Initiative, funded by the Clinton Foundation, was established in New York City to coincide with the 2005 World Summit. The focus areas of the initiative include attempts to address world problems such as global public health, poverty alleviation, and religious and ethnic conflict."